martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Roger Taylor Happiness? (Official Video)

Roger Taylor Happiness?, cancion incluida en su album homonimo, editado en 1994

happiness letra de la canción

There´s just one thing
that we all crave
fromm the cradle
to the grave
a state of grace
or state of mind
a point in space
or point in time
in time of peace
in tiemes of ware
the self same goal
that we yearn for
some have it all
but still have less
what we all need is happiness

happiness is what you need
yeah happiness is all aroun
it´s not easy to define it
it can´t easily be found
 no it can´t easily be found
it can´t easily be found
you know that it´s true
co´s happiness
just can´t be bought
such purity more precious still than gold
and happiness
can´t just be taught
when you´re young or if you´re old
no matter how - how hard you try
in your own life, and through your years
withc every  up - must come a down
enjoy the laugter and the tears
of happiness

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